Metal Framing and Drywall

Metal Framing

Gridworks has been at the forefront of the latest technological advances for building with cold formed steel framing.

We can assist with constructability reviews, structural engineering, value engineering, and budgeting. Our company’s extensive metal framing experience offers tremendous value to your project.

We can also help with the design of load-bearing stud framing, roof trusses, floor systems, wall panel pre-fabrication, and the integration of these designs into your building. Cold formed systems can also be incorporated into mid-rise construction for apartments, dorms, hotels or any other commercial application for an incredibly fast and cost effective design.


The reason why most small and large companies hire us is because of our track record of always providing an excellent finished product. We do not compromise or cut corners, we treat each commercial project with the same professionalism we are accustomed to and the same quality of service we have provided for companies such as Embassy Suites and Conference Center, National Grid, The Historic Adelphi Hotel, ALDI Food Store, and many other large and small companies in the greater Northeast area.

Our drywall installers provide all your specialty needs including mold and moisture resistant wall board, densGlass, densArmour, densShield, hi-abuse board, quietRock and Durock tile backing board. Our drywall finishers will provide the finish needed for your project, whether it be fire taping on a rated wall or a level 5 finish in those high visibility areas that require the finest finish.

Manufacturers We Work With

  • Marino/Ware
  • Clark/Dietrich
  • Radius Track
  • Fire Track
  • MBA